Before OneStream, Interface had:

  • 5 different regional forecast processes
  • Corporate Forecast always 1 month behind
  • Forecast done in Excel® and loaded in summary to OneStream
  • Time consuming to refresh, distribute, update, collect, consolidate, load and review
  • Limited automation in any step of the process

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Are you struggling with your Forecast being behind or limited automation in any step of your process? Then you don't want to miss this webinar! Find out how Interface, a Billion+ Flooring Manufacturer, was able break away from manual processes in Excel to reduce their cycle time by over 83%.


After OneStream:

  • 30-day cycle to 5-day cycle – Reduced cycle time by over 83%
  • More control by Dept. Managers
  • Increased visibility into forecasts and supporting details
  • Easy expandable to regional SGA teams
  • Access to Transactional Data


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